The Infiniti quick cleaning mop can clean more space faster

A usually cumbersome task is trying to clean up the dirty, single-use floor pads of your cleaning mop that are not only difficult to clean but also don’t manage to gather up maximum dirt from the floor. While this task is draining and highly unhygienic, the Infiniti Cleaner cleaning mop can perform the task faster and much more efficiently. The mop comes equipped with a patented Cleaning Cartridge System and uses a continuous role of cleaning fabric consequently eliminating the need to place any single-use and unclean wet floor pads around your house. The Infiniti Cleaner is a very viable way to get rid of all sorts of germs and bacteria and can even protect you and your loved ones from viruses like COVID-19.

Patented cleaning cartridge system

Infiniti’s floor cleaning solutions can wipe away the lurking viruses

Infiniti’s Ultimate Floor Cleaning Solutions is EPA approved ingredient that has the ability to get rid of germs, bacteria and even viruses such as the Covid-19. When the cleaning solution is used in conjunction with the Infiniti Cleaner, it provides more effective and round-the-clock cleaning. The floor cleaning solutions are available in four different compositions which include, Lemon, Lavender, Unscented and Ultimate.

The innovative Infiniti Cleaning mop also comes equipped with reusable bottles which can store away the cleaning solution so with just one swift attachment of the bottle to the cleaner, Infiniti will be ready to use along with the solution. The reusable bottles have the capacity to hold up to 450 ml of cleaning solution. These voluminous bottles will replace the use of refills from leading brands and will reduce plastic waste.

Infiniti Cleaner Cleaning Mop

Cleaning made faster and easier with unique features

The Infiniti cleaning mop has a surface which measures 9” x 6” giving it a larger surface area to clean. Two spray nozzle attached at the mouth of the mop make it easier to distribute the cleaning solution across the floor by squeezing the trigger. A detachable brush has efficient bristles that can get rid of the debris that is stuck on the floor.

The cleaning mop also includes 2 non-scratch scrub pads that add to the cleaning power of the Infiniti base.

Infiniti Cleaner Cleaning Mop 3

How to use the Infiniti Cleaning Mop?

  • Step 1: Insert the cleaning cartridge into the Infiniti Cleaner. The first cleaning cartridge will be preinstalled and ready to use.

Inifiniti Cleaner Cleaning Mop

  • Step 2: Place over the top and attach the cleaning solution bottle.

Inifiniti Cleaner Cleaning Mop

  • Step 3: By pressing the trigger you can dispense the cleaner.

Inifiniti Cleaner Cleaning Mop

  • Step 4: Move the mop around with ease and clean your floors.

Inifiniti Cleaner Cleaning Mop 5

  • Step 5: In order to remove the dirty fabric, turn the dial at the base of the cleaning mop until you can see the rolled over clean fabric.

Inifiniti Cleaner Cleaning Mop

Since all of the dirt is trapped inside of the Infiniti Cleaning Mop, it eliminates any direct contact with the dirt.

‘Infiniti’ compared to similar products like ‘Swiffer’ and ‘WetJet’

Unlike other competitive brands, Infiniti cleaning mops are equipped with a patented cleaning and cartridge system, a reusable 450 ml solution bottle, detachable cleaning brush, dry and wet modes and replaceable non scratch scrub pads. ‘Swiffer’ and ‘Wet jet’ also have smaller cleaning surface area.

Infiniti Cleaner Cleaning Mop

Compatible with different floor boards

Infiniti can work best on any type of sealed floor board, be it hardwood, tile, vinyl or Linoleum.

The company isn’t just manufacturing cleaning mops but their products include the Infiniti hand sanitizers and facial masks. The 500 ml bottle of hand sanitizer includes 62% of alcohol content which is way above the EPA guidelines. The Infiniti heavy duty 5 ply facial masks can be used for personal protection but should not be used as professional medical equipment. An easily flexible metal nose piece has been attached so that it could hold its position.

Better than other competitive products

Purchase the Infiniti cleaner set for only $21 and save more than $12 as bonus items

The starter set includes the patented quick cleaning mop, a cleaning brush tool, a reusable plastic bottle with a removable cap, two non-scratch scrub pads, an Infiniti cleaning cartridge roll and 450 ml of the Infiniti “Ultimate” floor cleaner.  Bonus items include the cleaning cartridge, the non-scratch scrub pads, the cleaning brush and the Ultimate floor cleaner.

The Infiniti cleaning mop also offers a special bonus and discounted refills

By backing the Kickstarter campaign, you can receive a special discount of $9.99 on the refills for a whole year! The prices will be valid until October of 2021. Two cleaning cartridge refills and one 2-Litre cleaning solution refill will both cost $9.99 each at a discounted price. Once the campaign ends, a code will be emailed to use at the checkout.

Can even get rid of the virus

Infiniti quick cleaning mop is ultra-efficient and environmentally friendly 

The core team has brought the design to life in just 18 months’ time. The cleaning bottles are made reusable and this helps cut down plastic waste by easy replacement of the floor cleaning solution. The cleaning cartridge bottles are not only reusable but the bottles are also biodegradable. One cleaning session can last for up to 2 to 3 weeks saving more resource. Products are delivered within a time span of 5 days.

All Images: © Infiniti via Kickstarter

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