This Mexican house is hidden away in the middle of a dense forest

If you happen to pass by the lakeside town outside Valle de Bravo, situated just 2.5 hours to the west of the Mexico City, chances are that you would miss out on noticing a beautiful house. No, do not blame your observation skills so soon because the house is deliberately designed to stay hidden and go unnoticed!

The 300-meter-square home, Casa de la Roca designed by Barcelona-based firm Cadaval & Solà-Morales, is based on a Y-layout so that it blends seamlessly with the dense forest that surrounds the house. The central module of the house features a communal area from where three similar-sized extensions shoot out to different areas of the forest. The central area where lounge and living area is designed however has views of the forest on one side and of a lake on the other side. This design lets the house immerse completely in its surrounding. The black painted concrete exterior also helps in camouflaging the edifice hence one can’t make out if it is a manmade structure or a part of the forest from afar.

The thermal mass of concrete regulates the ambient temperature of the house that has already been established by cross-ventilation with the help of carefully designed window positioning. Recycled wood crowns the house as it is used to create a roof structure. The architects further concealed the structure from the passersby’s eyes by creating green roof that flaunts local species. Now, that’s a hideout that anybody would die to have!

Mexican villa Mexican villa Mexican villa Mexican villa Mexican villa Mexican villaMexican villa Mexican villa

Image Credits: Sandra Pereznieto
Property: Casa de la Roca
Architects: Cadaval & Solà-Morales
h/t: Ignant

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