Brittany Wright’s colourful food arrangements look aesthetically pleasing and satisfying

Who said colorful and appetizing fruits and vegetables are only good for eating? Seattle based photographer Brittany Wright took this thought too seriously and came up with a beautiful concept for here photographic series. The photographer organizes various edibles according to the colour gradient, shape and size to capture them into an aesthetically pleasing and oddly satisfying images.

The stunning gradient effect of her images has been inspired by Wright’s passion of self-learning the art of cooking. However, her initial interest led her to realise her natural talent of composing and capturing images of similarly coloured edibles. Wright also delivers knowledge about how the appearance of food changes as it ripens through her meticulously composed photographs.

The freelance photographer has gathered a huge following on Instagram and after seeing the photographs below, you’ll get to know, why!

Images: © Brittany Wright

Brittany Wright: Website | Instagram

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