Maria Svarbova captures ethereal synchronized photographs in socialist era swimming pools

Whoever thought swimming pool can only fascinate athletes and people who want to relax thought wrong, since Maria Svarbova, who fits neither of these categories finds the place immensely captivating because of its unusual geometry and surreal symmetry. Photographer by profession, Svarbova found these two qualities pretty spot on to compose aesthetically pleasing and soothing photographs of old swimming pools, especially those that were built during the socialist Era in Solovakia. “The figures are mid-movement, but there is no joyful playfulness to them,” says Sarbova about the project. “Frozen in the composition, the swimmers are as smooth and cold as the pools tiles…Despite the retro setting, the pictures somehow evoke a futuristic feeling as well, as if they were taken somewhere completely alien.”

The bright colours in Svarbova’s photographs beautifully complement the clean background and reflection of the blue waters of the swimming pools. The synchronized photographs in the series, “In the Swimming Pool” will draw you into the spectacular surreal aura that Svarbova manages to create so easily. Check out these photographs here!

Images: © Maria Svarbova

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h/t: Colossal

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