Shape-shifting camper trailer pops-up on a push of a button in 30 seconds

The science of fold up mattresses and a Murphy’s bed has now been amplified by Dutch company Udo Camp to bring around the iCamp which gives you the complete camping experience using their conventional camp set up but with a twist! The camp can be driven around like a regular trailer and once you’ve reached your destination, it opens up into an 8-feet tall structure which can accommodate up to four people. It is equipped with all the basic necessities giving you a comfortable, spacious and homely travel and camping experience.

Once out into the streets, the iCamp is bound to grab some attention. The rear end of the camp bears similarity to passenger cars. The body is arched and includes taillights, a central badge and has the outline of a 60-L truck. Below it is a much visible bumper area which is contoured to the similarity of a car.

From the looks of it, it is difficult to believe that the compact structure can expand into a large and spacious assembly. The external body of the camp extends to a length of 14.4 ft making it much simpler for this area to turn into a wall and enclose the camp into a box. The box has 6.6 ft of standing room inside, high enough to fit in the height of any average person.

Udo iCamp Trailer 7 Udo iCamp Trailer 6

The iCamp is electrically wired and changes formation at the push of a button within a time span of 30 seconds. The interior cabinets can be let down from the top of the ceiling and the interior designing including the furniture and cushions can be accommodated as per requirement.

Fabric panels have been attached to the front of the camp, which can be opened to allow in swift breezes of fresh air. A mosquito net is attached midway to prevent any discomfort. The large windows on either side allow maximum ventilation and let the sunlight pour in. The fabric panels are made up of weatherproof and air permeable TenCate fabric. During inconvenient weather, the fabric can be hatched down and provides the entire camp protection.

The interior of the iCamp includes a 6+2 seating arrangement, a wraparound sofa and a daybed/lounge. The wraparound sofa showcases a table in between which provides space to eat, rest and work on. At night, the tabletop can be turned into a 64 x 78 inch bed which can accommodate up to 2 adults. Since the beds are oriented vertically, it gives each sleeper easy access to the door.

Udo iCamp Trailer 3 Udo iCamp Trailer 2

On the other end, another spacious bed, measuring 77.5 x 43 inches, can be seen, which can accommodate one adult and a child or two children making it the perfect setting for a family of four.

What makes the interior even more spacious is the kitchen that is placed on the exterior instead of the inside making more room. The kitchen actually shapeshifts from the cushions on the second bed. How cool is that! The kitchen can also be opened and let out through an external hatch, which allows you to cook outside taking complete advantage of the weather. The kitchen has a four-burner gas stove, a sink with 12-V pump fed tap, and a 40L compressor cool box.

Since the kitchen is separate and on the outside, you can always make yourself a quick snack or access your refrigerator without disturbing the rest of the camp. You can cook from the outside on a warm sunny day, or cook from the inside using a trap door on a bad weather day, it’s a win win!

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The iCamp comes equipped with technology that promises to not leave you hanging. It includes a 50-Ah, 12-V battery, a trickle charger, a 20-A 230-V inverter, and a series of 230-V outlets and USB ports. There are also two LED lights installed on the inside and one light in the exterior kitchen area to light up the dark.

The iCamp weighs 1,186 lb (538 kg) which includes a four burner stove, fridge and cushions. The iCamp can easily be towed around by average sized cars making it much more versatile. In fact, according to Udo, it is light enough to be pulled and set up where needed by the hand before towing. Its total payload is 467 lb and so the total weight of the vehicle comes up to 1,650 lb.

The iCamp prices around approximately US$15,700 and is currently only available in Europe. It can also include extra features such as a frown awning with sidewalls and a floor, an electric heater, extra storage cabinets and a bike carrier.

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All Images: © Udo Camp

h/t: New Atlas

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