PICO is a self-watering planter that makes it easy to grow plants anywhere you’d like

Pico is a little self watering planter that grows happy plants around your house for the perfect ambient environment. If you’ve always wanted to grow basil in your kitchen or decorate your work space with a few jasmine, Pico will serve as the perfect partner.

With conventional plants, it becomes difficult to water and maintain them daily. With not enough sunlight and space to grow, most plants tend to decay and die and require a lot of attention and care.  If you are known to be a serial plant killer then Pico has some good news for you!

Pico self watering planter takes care of all the watering needs of your plants

With this self watering planter, you no longer have to worry about over watering, under watering or providing the optimum sunlight to your plant. Every plant type, be it edibles, succulents or ornamentals, are all catered for!


Multi-spectrum LED lights provide adequate exposure for healthy plant growth

You can carry Pico around with you anywhere as it is small enough to even fit in your backpack. It includes some LED lights on the top to provide your plant with adequate light and its self-watering system can help water the plant itself. Not only is it affordable, it ensures that your plant not only survives but thrives as well!

Most plants cannot continue to grow in the absence of sunlight and without enough exposure, they eventually die out. Pico incorporates multi spectrum LED grow lights so that enough light is provided to the plant for it to grow like a pro.

Self Watering Planter Pico

The OSRAM LEDs are high performance and power efficient LEDs and completely replace the need of sunlight so that the best growth is observed all year around. The different colours in the LED can stimulate a specific biological function in the plant giving it the optimum conditions to grow in. An extendable telescopic arm has been included that the plant can grow on. The arm resembles a radio antenna and can extend up to a foot.

Self Watering Planter

Pico Self Watering Planter 2

An external aluminium heat sink has been included into the self-watering planter which can maintain the heat giving it excellent efficiency. The use of Aluminium ensures the device is rigid and lightweight.

Add just one glass of water per week and let Pico do the rest

Throughout the year, the amount of water your plant receives is maintained by Pico. The self-watering planter ensures that the right amount of water is supplied to keep the plant healthy and growing. All the effort required is that the plant has to be given one glass of water per week.

Often watering your plants too much or too less can be detrimental to the plant’s health. The biological action of pulling water using the roots with the help of capillary action is mimicked by Pico as it pulls water from the reservoir and into the soil. If the plant tends to dry out then Pico provides it with more water. This way your plant is never thirsty not over watered.

Self Watering Planter Pico

Refrigerator, table top or on the wall? Mount this self watering planter anywhere you want

White potted plants take up extra space and usually require a windowsill while this (Pico) self watering planter can be placed anywhere you like. It can be hung around on walls using the wall hanging feature and be placed on table tops with its magnetic attachments.  You can hang one on your fridge and watch it grow! It comes with three interchangeable mounts, magnetic, wall mount and Velcro, each of which can be used in replacement of the other depending on the location you want to place your plant on.


Self Watering Planter Pico

Capillary watering system eliminates the need of water pumping mechanism

A transport window has been included in the self-watering planter which indicates when the plant requires a top up. Since the design works essentially on the basis of capillary action and gravity therefore, it requires no motors, pumps or power for watering the plants. This allows you to even grow edible plants right in your household using the Pico self-watering planter.

The tiny slits in the soil vessel will make sure that your plant is well oxygenated throughout so that it grows healthier than it would in a pot. A port has been included on the side so that Pico can be recharged and powered using a USB type C cable. Along with the device, you get 2 different cables. One is a short USB-C and the other is 3 meter long with magnetic organizer loops so it can be worked around refrigerators and windows.

You can also connect your multiple self-watering planters using the USB-C cables to create a mini indoor forest! Cables can be connected on either side and can accept and pass through power to one another.

Self Watering Planter Pico

Indoor plants help to reduce depression by 60 percent

With indoor Pico planter you can detox the ambient air, grow herbs, create a pleasant aura inside your living room and definitely can help yourself sleep better knowing your plant is happy and healthy.

Researchers have proven that indoor plants help reduce 60% of depression, 40% of anger and 40% of anxiety. They also help increase productivity by 15%. They help increase motivation, concentration, energy levels and help fight fatigue. Not only does the air quality around you enhance, your skin will also begin to feel much better.

Self Watering Planter Pico

Pico comes in three different colours; Krispy mint, Tangy orange and Oh-so-lemon so, it can match the interiors of your house, office etc. and give it the complete look it requires. Once you receive your order, the device is already assembled and ready to use. At a price of just $29, you can get the self-watering planter, a charging cable, a daisy chain cable and 3 interchangeable mounts.

All images: © Pico via  Kickstarter

Source: Kickstarter

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