NASA-inspired Rotofarm indoor garden utilizes minimum space to grow plants

Bace has launched its Rotofarm indoor garden which is an efficient technique to carry out plantations of your favourite vegetables and herbs without the wastage of space, water or energy. The farm uses NASA’s zero gravity technology and combines it with energy efficient lighting with the help of a smart app to create the most robust vegetation system. Various species of plants can be grown all year round and can be controlled via the smart app.

Once the app settings have been configured depending on the plantation, you never have to worry about over watering or under watering your precious plants. For optimum results, the seeds are first planted into the pods, filled with the required nutrients and monitored and controlled through the app. Since the entire Rotofarm indoor garden system compresses 5.2 ft of conventional plantation area into 1.7 ft, it saves you lots of space, three times the space to be exact! Its aesthetic appeal makes it perfect for interior décor so as to make your indoor garden looks like a piece of art as well. The food grown from the Rotofarm is healthy as it is made of BPA free materials and uses no pesticides or harmful chemicals. Not only is the food safe but sustainable and grown in a protected environment.

Rotofarm Indoor Garden

Compared to the conventional groceries that are bought at the local market, the Rotofarm indoor garden uses no plastic packaging, saves greenhouse emissions, does not require refrigeration and saves cost from spending on expensive herbs and vegetables.

The NASA inspired zero gravitation technology works on the basis of a 360 degree rotation every hour which eradicates the counter effects that gravity has on the growth of the plants. This helps make the nutrient absorption better, optimizes the aeration of roots and gives the plant maximum exposure to light. “We’ve found through a lot of research that plants actually don’t need gravity to thrive. If anything, they love not being held down by it,” says Greame Smith, the Head of International Society of Horticulture.

Rotofarm Indoor Garden

The LED system ensures that all the colours of the spectrum are provided to the plant for better health and an increased growth rate. Since they are placed right at the centre, this provides equal distribution in all directions. With the automatic timer, a natural cycle is induced on the plants which can be controlled through the app. Pressure and level sensors are integrated within the system that can alert you through the app, if water levels drop below a necessary amount. With a completely enclosed system, water wastage is minimized and efficient water usage is employed.

The system is carefully engineered to be durable and long lasting. The base is strong enough to support and uphold all the vegetation while maintaining the aesthetics. Via the app you can monitor sunlight hours, view the water and nutrient levels, communicate with others in the Rotofarm community and order more seeds and nutrients.

Rotofarm Indoor Garden

An additional Eclipse Cover can be used to decrease eye strain as it is made of acrylic and aluminium that helps reflect light inwards towards the plants. The cover can be placed easily and aligns in an instant without the need of locks or latches. The initial Rotofarm indoor garden kit includes the rotofarm setup, starter nutrients and seeds and water cup.

Check out this video below!

All images: Bace

Source: Indiegogo

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