Recycle your kitchen waste instantly with Whirpool’s Zera Food Recycler

With each passing day, we are only adding to the on-going environmental degradation be it in terms of energy production via non-renewable energy resources or manufacturing of chemical fertilisers which inevitably leach out, contaminate water bodies and pose as a threat to the aquatic life.

Are you feeling a little bit of guilt, yet? We are all equally responsible for this deterioration and it is upon us to restore it! So, what can we do? Certainly, can’t take drastic measures such as banning the production and use of chemical fertilisers but we can provide an alternate method of production – something that is more natural, more organic.

Studies have shown that about 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted every year. Now, imagine if we could put all this wasted food to good use? While it is true that many people compost their household organic waste but the process takes up too much time to convert the waste into soil nutrients and it doesn’t allow you to add meat remains. Quite limiting, no? Thank God for W Labs at Whirlpool Corporation who came up with the Zera – a food recycler that converts waste into homemade fertilisers!

Zera Food Recyler

Image: Zera

So, how does it work? It’s quite simple. All you need to do is plug it in, and put all of your food waste (minus bones and pits) into the chute. For your convenience, the company has designed the recycler in such a way that you can simply swipe all the food of your counter into the Zera as it is of the same height. Once all the waste goes in, you need to ensure that the carbon filter is in place, as it prevents foul odour. Then add an additive (derived from plants) to catalyse the degradation reaction. Usually the additive is made out of baking soda and coconut husks, and is covered in paper to make the decomposition process easy. The waste undergoes oxidation due to the presence of moisture, heat, and oxygen. The Zera Food Recycler is said to be able to break down a week’s worth of food scraps into a homemade fertilizer within 24 hours

Nothing these days comes without an app and Zera is no different. The app allows you remotely control the device and its operation. While talking about Zera, Mr. Bret Dibkey, Vice President of the Business Integrated Units at Whirlpool Corporation said, ‘With an estimated 40% of food in the United States wasted every year, Zera Food Recyler ensures that the food waste can be converted into a homemade fertiliser as opposed to being disposed into a land fill.’

The recycler will be available later this year at a price of $1,199, however if you purchase it via Indiegogo, then you can get it at a price of only $699!

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