This Liquid Glass Will Make Your SmartPhone’s Screen Indestructible

High-tech smartphone aficionados who like to get their hands on every novel model at times have to be a bit cautious for their gadgets. If putting phone in pockets with your car keys frets you for your overpriced phone’s screen, then worry no more, because the APS Proudkte UG has a solution for your issue in the form of PotectPax.

Variety of smartphones are available to customers’ pleasure in the market which provide various functionalities for making their lives easier. But developers of these gadgets haven’t come up with a solution for screen’s protection yet. If your over-priced phone’s screen gets scratched with something sharp then the bothersome scratches make it difficult for you to use your phone easily. More irritating are the cracks which appear upon impact with heavier objects and force you to replace the whole display. Many screen protectors available in the market just stem the stylish appearance of one’s phone and are temporary solutions.

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To avoid all this, an innovative ProtectPax ‘Liquid Glass’ provides a long-term invisible solution which delivers efficient protection and makes your gadgets’ screens scratch and crack resistant. It’s a nanotechnology based innovation and its application is pretty much straightforward. It is rubbed on the screen and titanium dioxide, one of the strongest material fills the microscopic indentations. After a ten minute wait your phone will be protected against bruises and scratches by the invisible formed layer. ProtectPax team has compared its hardness with that of sapphire and ruby. Its hardness comes out to be 9H on Mohs hardness scale.

ProtectPax’s lasts up to 1-year and rectifies touchscreen functionality. One added advantage of ProtectPax is that, it thwarts all the electromagnetic radiation from penetrating into the smartphone. At times these sorts of radiations affect your smartphones in various ways like loss of data and hindrance in communication. These types of dangers can be avoided by ProtectPax coating.

This innovative protection is not only for screens but can also be used for protecting smartwatches and camera lenses. It happens often that, too much or bad light entering into the camera back of the phone can distorts image’s or video’s quality. ProtectPax also offers a solution to improve the media quality. What it actually does is that, it maintains the light ratio in dark as well as day-light and quickly adapts to the environment thus offering flawless images and videos.

ProtectPax starts at 40$ apiece and can be ordered here.

H/T: PR Newswire, Digital Trends

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