This Ping Pong Table Disguised As A Door Is The Best Invention Ever!

Who does not love to play informal games of table tennis? But it is obviously not very realistic to keep a humongous table tennis without cramming the whole house. Hence, a novel design by Tobias Fränzel is all what it takes to have a nice scaled down table tennis game without stuffing the home.

Fränzel has taken quite a quirky route by designing a ping pong table disguised as a door. The door functions as normally as any other door does but is coloured in half-white and half-green and transforms into a ping pong table when its position is flipped and adjusted. The ping pong door however, is ruled out for the doors leading into the hallways and works for the doors that connect two rooms so that the players have enough space to flip that door into a table.

The door has not yet been priced but it sure will sell like hot buns because who does not want to make their place fun with a little recreational activity?

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Images: Tobias Fraenzel

References: Cool Things, New Atlas, Tree Hugger

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