This Tree-Hugging House is the Best Retreat for Nature Lovers

Everyone has had a childhood dream to stay in a treehouse but when that dream does turn into a reality, it becomes a nightmare for the living, breathing trees since they are copped off during the construction phase. The Canadian studio Farrow Partnership Architects have come up with tree-hugging treehouse to make the whole treehouse experience eco-friendly.

Tree House 4

The architecture firm has designed modest one bedroom treehouses for The E’terra Samara eco-resort in Ontario, Canada. The resort has introduced 12 tree houses, which are suspended from the tree tops, as opposed to nailing them to tree trunks, with steel shoulder and cables hence no tree is harmed during the installation of these rustic treehouses.

Tree House 1

The treehouse’s structure is pod-shaped and is made up of local Forest Stewardship Council certified wood. The humbly built treehouse is prefabricated off-site with modern construction techniques and is then set up all at once on the trees. Moreover, the structure is protected from unfavorable weather conditions with PTFE fiber-glass coat and is resistant to flame due to the TiO2 coating. Moreover, the treehouses acquire energy from the photovoltaic grid near the resort and the gray water collected from them when the bathrooms are used by the occupants is later returned to the forest system. The Canadian studio Farrow Partnership Architects have been very particular in using materials and methods that are aligned with the resort’s eco-friendly vision.

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Tree House 3

The small huts really do provide an exceptional view of the Georgian Bay in simple home-like comfort and eco-friendly way to the guests. However, the resort does provide the guests the liberty to indulge into other stress-releasing facilities of the resort, which includes a spa and sauna, a pool, a lavender maze garden as well as many natural trails.

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Images: © Farrow Partners

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