Michael Leggero Captures Icebergs In All Their Glory

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The nature is full of beautiful contradictions and one such example is the presence of gigantic chunks of ice in the middle of turquoise flowing water. The nature has blessed Antarctica with this hypnotic miracle more than anywhere else in the world.

The icebergs in Antarctica look completely surreal when seen up close. Michael Leggero, a professional photographer, made sure to capture the same effect in his photographs for the people all around the world. The 43 year-old eco-environmentalist photographer has always been passionate about travelling and seizing all that nature has to offer through his Nikon D4. During a 20-year long career, his photographs have been published in various magazines and textbooks but his images of icebergs from the Drake Passage, in the presence of repetitive 40 to 80-foot waves undoubtedly tops all the other photographs from his portfolio.

Images: © Michael Leggero

References: Design Father, Daily Mail

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