These Photographs Will Make You Believe In The Magic Of Coincidence

No matter how much we plan to make things look perfect, it is safe to say that most of us have experienced that they best things happen in their very own time. This has especially been true for photographer Denis Cherim and his photography series, Coincidence Project. The photographer does spare a lot of time to ensure that all the technical aspects of photography such as, perspective and scale, are on point however, one thing that perhaps flickers through Cherim’s mind but is probably not as well thought is the mere timing of the photographs which ultimately add a touch of miracle to the otherwise mundane scenarios.

Check out the images below to witness how beautifully synchronous and subtly miraculous life actually is!

coincidence 5

coincidence 13

coincidence 30

coincidence 26

coincidence 12

coincidence 10

coincidence 7

coincidence 9

coincidence 19

coincidence 23

coincidence 2

coincidence 17

coincidence 27

coincidence 20

coincidence 18

coincidence 4

coincidence 11

coincidence 3

coincidence 8

coincidence 21

coincidence 22

coincidence 24

coincidence 1

coincidence 14

coincidence 16

coincidence 32

coincidence 31

coincidence 34

coincidence 25

coincidence 28

coincidence 33

coincidence 29

Images: © Denis Cherim

References: Colossal , Bored Panda

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