This spherical ‘Survival Capsule’ is designed to save your life in tsunami

What strikes your mind when you hear the word Tsunami? An unstoppable life sweeping catastrophe? But have you heard of all the technological inventions taking place to protect people from such disasters?

A patented life saving pod named the Survival Capsule has been designed by a London-born aeronautical engineer, Julian Sharpe for the aid of thousands of people residing in disaster prone areas. Using his aeronautical engineering skills practiced and polished at British Aerospace and knowledge learnt at Loughborough University, Julian Sharpe is developing products which aim to serve humanity in times of catastrophes. His major aim is to design the capsule as durable and strong as possible, as strength is most important factor when the question is of human safety.

This capsule which is a personal safety system (PSS) is designed for two people to remain safe in case of disasters like tsunami or earthquakes until the rescue teams arrive as it protects rather than helping the victims to escape. It is equipped with medical kits, food, and water. It is also water tight and has air vents which allow the users to breathe, when not under water, easily until reaching a safe place. It is designed not to sink in water hence it floats when submerged in water, however, in case the capsule goes under water it has air supply for one hour per person. The master design has made this pod capable of withstanding sharp object penetration, heat exposure, and rapid deceleration. In the case of emergency, people are advised to quickly crawl inside the capsule and harness themselves to their seats. The capsule has strong door closing mechanism from the inside.

Survival Capsule

The capsule is built around a metal cage wrapped with a ¼ inches hardened aluminum shell which is protected by ceramic thermal blanket lining for the safety in extreme heat conditions and also keeps the people warm inside it. It is designed to be installed on flat roofs, balconies and garages as a safety tool which can become a shelter during the post-tsunami phase.

The Survival Capsule is receiving a lot of interest from US, Japan and Indonesia, however, currently only Japan is at the forefront by manufacturing these pods since it is predicted that a major earthquake of around 8-10 magnitude might hit it in near future, which might trigger another tsunami.

h/t: Daily Mail

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