Taste The Familiarity Of Beloved Streets Around The Globe With Edible Chocolate Maps

Cold nights, never-ending streets with smooth curves and twists and strangers lost in their own thoughts; what isn’t there to romanticize about the streets of metropolitan cities?  Online purveyor Nisnas Industries has taken up on this romantic concept of streets around the globe and has combined it with handmade dark chocolate with the collaboration of Tamtik Chocolate, to create an exquisite gift for people who love maps.

chocolate map 7

chocolate map 6

chocolate map 5

chocolate map 1

The design of the city map is inspired by traditional Arabic patterns of open geometric shapes, known as “mashrabiya”. Once the design is confirmed and is perfected, it is turned into a mold that would eventually be cast in chocolate. However, the experience of different metropolis does not only end with its landmark and its particular map design on the chocolate but, each chocolate map has a unique flavor of its own to represent that specific city and these details are managed with the help of local chocolate artisan of each city that has been mapped on the chocolate.

Chocolate Maps 1


chocolate map 2

These chocolate maps are not just a dessert but unique experience for the recipients, right from unravelling multiple layers of delicate packaging to having the first look at the intricate city map patters to finally, tasting the peculiar familiarity of the local cities in the chocolate.

chocolate map 8

chocolate map 4

chocolate map 3

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Images: © Nisnas Industries

h/t: My Modern Met

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