Photographer captures the classical architecture of churches in fantastic panoramic shots

Churches are undoubtedly the place where the realities of life get into touch with the mysteries of a fantasy world that we haven’t witnessed but heard a lot about. Knowing this pretty unique dynamics of churches, it’s surprising that we do not have too many photographs that explore these premises along those lines. London based photographer Peter Li has put an end to this by capturing classical church buildings in his signature style panoramic shots. As it is, Li is completely gripped by the striking symmetry, composition and intricate detailing of churches so one can only imagine how dramatically and beautifully he manages to capture the wonderful subtleties of the classical architecture of churches.

On talking about his preference of taking panoramic shots, he says, “Part of the process that attracted me to shooting panoramas is that it enables me to have a vision far beyond what the lens can see. The fact that we won’t see the final outcome until we stitch the images together is both liberating and fills us with anticipation. This abstract way of observing a three-dimensional space is fascinating, feasting our eyes on the meticulously sculpted décor and state of the art craftsmanship from floor to ceiling or wall to wall.”


Peter Li Butteryfly


Peter Li Cocoon


Peter Li Confetti


Peter Li Crossbow


Peter Li Dynasty


Peter Li Eden

Farm Church

Peter Li Farm Church

Grand Cross

Peter Li Grand Cross


Peter Li Hephaestus


Peter Li Hyrule 1

Jack Forest

Peter Li Jack Frost

Royal Albert Hall

Peter Li Royal Albert Hall

Royal Festival Hall

Peter Li Royal Festival Hall

Southwark Cathedral

Peter Li Southwark Cathedral

St. Paul’s Atrium

Peter Li St Pauls Atrium

St. Paul’s Choir

Peter Li St Pauls Choir

St. Paul’s Dome

Peter Li St Pauls Dome

The Blue Whale

Peter Li The Blue Whale

All Images: © Peter Li

Peter Li: Website | Instagram

h/t: My Modern Met

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