IMs EV Sports Sedan boasts a bold design with premier seating plan

The Nissan IMs EV concept was presented before the onlookers at the 2019 North American International Auto Show. It is an electric sedan that has an uplifted premier seat at its back seat. Nissan calls it 2+1+2-seat architecture. The designers at Nissan envisioned this new elevated sports sedan.

It is an autonomous-drive, battery-electric, and all-wheel-drive sedan. The Japanese automaker is planning for electrification in the future, and it entered the 2019 Detroit to extend their ambitions. Nissan is working to build the LEAF, the world’s first mass-market EV, along with introducing concepts like the IMs EV Sports Sedan. By 2022, the company is planning to launch an additional seven new electric vehicles.

Nissan IMs EV concept 2 Nissan IMs EV concept 3

The AWD system is powered by two electric motors located front and rare. According to Nissan, it creates a consistent weight balance that helps in providing excellent traction over slick surfaces in combination with its lower center of gravity. There is also an advanced air suspension in the Intelligent Mobility sedan (IMs) that adapts to different driving conditions for a smooth and comfortable ride.

The dual electric motors produce 483hp (360 KW) of output in the IMs EV and 800Nm (590 pound-feet) of instant torque. The battery pack is of 115-kWh that powers the whole system gives it an estimated range of 611.5 km (380 miles) per charge.

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This sports sedan is very Nissan in its concept. Along with its grille-less and flat fascia, it carries the V-motion language of the company, thanks to the angle placement of the sedan’s headlamps. The bodywork on the concept is futuristic and smooth, with precise edges and superb aerodynamic flow. The 22-inch wheels indeed show its sports aspects on the exterior.

There is no middle pillar on either side of the seats, and when the doors are opened, it provides easy access to any seating row in this concept IMs EV. Another essential characteristic of the concept car is its lighting. It changes its color to show whether the vehicle is being operated manually or in autonomous driving mode. Pulse blue lights from front-to-rear show its autonomous state.

Nissan IMs EV concept 7 Nissan IMs EV concept 1

On the inside, the front seating arrangements and the driver’s controls are hyper-futuristic in their look. Instead of a circular steering wheel, it is in the shape of a square. The instrument cluster and the minimalized dashboard relies heavily on thin-form LCD and output screens for its displays. The 2+1+2 seating arrangement at the rear makes things more interesting. When all the seats on the back are up, it acts as a standard three-across bench. When the outboard seats are folded down flat, the center position revels to become a more executive-style seat. Nissan says this premier seat will put the occupant in a lordly position.

Nissan IMs EV concept 8 Nissan IMs EV concept 9

This sporty sedan provides an exciting look where the mobility could go in the future. Although the concept will be in production later sometime, it will surely change the automotive landscape.

Nissan IMs EV concept 10

All Images: Courtesy of Nissan

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