Pantone decides the colour of the year for 2019

Ever noticed how a colour starts popping up in all the recent product launches, whether it belongs to fashion industry or to the technological world? Well, that is because Pantone has been deciding “colour of the year” for the last 20 years. This colour is then quickly picked up by the industrial market and that’s how the trend lives with us, subtly influencing and affecting our lives for the whole year. For 2019, Pantone has swiftly moved from 2018’s ultra-violet hue to extremely soothing, “Living coral”.

The choice obviously reflects Pantone’s preference of shades that are bestowed upon us by nature’s miracle but more than that, it highlights the issue of preservation of coral reefs in the most impacting yet subtle manner ever. The colour itself speaks of positivity, vibrancy and growth in life.

Pantone released its statement regarding the impact of colors and their particular choice this year, “Color is an equalizing lens through which we experience our natural and digital realities and this is particularly true for Living Coral,” shared Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute. “With consumers craving human interaction and social connection, the humanizing and heartening qualities displayed by the convivial Pantone Living Coral hit a responsive chord.”

pantone 2

pantone 3

All Images: © Pantone

h/t: My Modern met

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