Fingerreader wearable device reads text out loud for visually impaired

A ring-like device referred to as the Fingerreader is a wearable device for the blind and vision-impaired people allowing them to read any printed text without the use of braille. It has been developed by the researchers at MIT. Thanks to the fixed camera and open source software, the device reads printed text out loud. You just need to strap it to your index finger, point to an object and there you go, the words or sentences are spoken in real time.

Fingerread Device for Visually Impaired 1 Fingerread Device for Visually Impaired 2

Multiple words and entire lines of texts can be read by the device. The users can even take the device with them by connecting it to a mobile or laptop. This enables them to read restaurant menus, signs or other texts larger than 12-point font. In case the user strays away from the baseline of the text, the fingerreader gives vibration-based response also. Such a useful little thing!

Fingerread Device for Visually Impaired 3 Fingerread Device for Visually Impaired 4

Although it is just a prototype at the moment, the researchers aim to attract investors to soon produce a reasonable, marketable device for the public.According to the fingerreader’s website, with fingerreader, we aim to transform this proof of concept project into an affordable everyday product that will sustainably change how the visually impaired community can independently access information on the go’.

All Images: © Fingerreader

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