New reusable straw ‘Chew’ comes with a chewable tip and is also spin-dryable

No wonder the plastic straws are piling up in the oceans. Every day millions of the drinking straws are used and discarded in the United States alone. To help in reducing the pollution spread due to the plastic, the “Chew” was launched by a Singapore based startup. The straw is reusable, have a spin-dry mechanism and comes with a chewable rubber tip. The drinking straw is unassumingly pretty simple and is contributing to resolving one of the most severe environmental problem faced today by the habitats of the Earth.

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The reusable straw is made of aluminum, similar to the other reusable straws. The reusable straws made from aluminum doesn’t give a nice feeling on your teeth or lips, but a soft-food grade silicone is used to make the tips of Chew. It also comes in four different patterns. The startup highlights the chewability as a major selling point of these silicon-tipped straws, as the other reusable straws are rigid and act as a barrier to straw-chewers everywhere.

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Once you are done with your drinking, the Chew pulls apart into two pieces which can then be easily slid into the case. There is a ring at one end of the case which is created for the sole purpose of spinning the thing on your finger. The actual idea behind spinning it is to dry the straw using the centrifugal force so that it’s ready to be used several times a day. It also includes a brush, which is to be used for cleaning it thoroughly. According to the team, the Chew must be rinsed out and then scrubbed using the brush.

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The policies regarding the single-use of plastics are changing worldwide. The European Parliament voted last month in favor of a complete ban on single-use plastics (including straws). So you might have a little more time not to be bothered to bring your own straw. Moreover, big companies like McDonald’s are exploring alternatives and phasing single-use plastics out. There is no shortage of options, and reusable coffee cups and straws might be the way of the future.

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The Chew straw is currently available on Kickstarter and has surpassed its goal of US$14,500. For one Chew straw, the pledges start at around $17, and for two the price is $25.

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h/t: New Atlas

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