This Boston Ivy covered shed is the ideal retreat for writers

In the era of booming concrete jungles, who doesn’t find thriving backyards appeasing to the eyes? Australian firm, Matt Gibson Architecture + Design in collaboration with landscape garden designer Ben Scott has designed a serene Writer’s Studio which is covered with a thick blanket of Boston Ivy hence blending beautifully with the Melbourne landscape.

Apart from the creative backyard, the 107 square feet shed is designed with a minimalistic approach and is constructed from locally and sustainably sourced timber. The small yet spacious enclosure is extremely energy efficient, depending on passive solar principle, large windows, skylight and glazed doors to fulfill its power and natural light requirements. The firm’s project statement discusses the concept of the design, “As the ways we work and live continue to adapt and change to our environment and technology, traditional notions are challenged and new opportunities appear. An antidote is often needed to balance the overstimulating, populous and constantly-contactable workplaces where we spend much of our modern lives. More people are opting to work from a variety of locations, sometimes rejecting the rigid and sealed open plan office for the benefits of more natural surroundings. As a detached and flexible workspace, the Writer’s Shed provides an intimate private space to recoup, reflect and recharge the imagination.”

boston ivy 1

boston ivy 6

boston ivy 5

boston ivy 3

boston ivy 2

Images: © Matt Gibson Architecture + Design

h/t: Inhabitat

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