Do you know why the jeans that we wear has buttons here and there?

Curious why all jeans have small buttons at the most irrelevant places where they have no purpose to be fitted? Well, turns out that they are not really put up for a purposeless fashion statement but actually serve an objective that is too important to ignore.

In the earlier days, jeans were prone to tearing up from many a place and this used to bother the workmen of Francisco for whom this apparel was actually invented. Tearing up of jeans killed the whole purpose of wearing rugged pants on work and that is how an ingenious workman, Jacob Davis got the idea of reinforcing the weaker parts of the jean with sturdy copper rivulets. Since he did not have enough means to get the idea patented, he presented it to the leading jeans supplier, Levi Strauss and the rest is history!

h/t: Elite Daily

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