Narwal robot vacuums as well as mops the floor and replaces dirty water on its own

Cleaning houses has always been one of the most lethargic tasks for some people and to serve for that a number of robots are available in market. Some vacuum your floor and some mop it but now that an extremely smart and equipped with latest tech robot, Narwal is ready to rock the markets. Narwal not only vacuums and mops your floor but has ability to cleverly refill its water tanks when its empty which means that you no longer have to be vigilant about its performance.

The attractive performance of this product has successfully managed to make its market a lot more than it was anticipated and the buyers are more than satisfied. Narwal is both effective and efficient with its job thanks to its 1800Pa motor which provides its suction for dirt. As mentioned before, this cleaner robot can both vacuum and mop but it is actually its mopping ability which makes it unique. The developer claim that it mops faster and cleaner than other robot mops available in the market.

Narwal Home Cleaning Robot

The smartness of this robot can be witnessed when it self-replenishes its water demand at its base station which has a 5 liter water tank and also replaces the dirty water with the clean water. With a full tank of clean water, Narwal can clean up to 2150 sq. ft. of area before it needs a refill. Once the range is reached, the robot automatically reaches for the base station and refills its water demand and gets back to work. The robot is claimed to be very versatile when it comes to the type of floors it cleans.

Narwal Home Cleaning Robot

Narwal apparently cleans all types of hard flooring including hardwood, ceramic tiles and even lamination. This ultimate cleaning device has an inbuilt software which uses LiDAR technology to design an optimum cleaning route for the bot and redesigns it as the cleaning process proceeds. The Narwal robot can be controlled by a mobile app which gives you complete supervision over the product. You can set up a cleaning routine for the machine, check its battery status, performance status and even set up no-go zones. Everything is under your control.

Narwal Home Cleaning Robot

So the cleaning machine which does almost about everything itself, is definitely worthy of attention. The only limitation to Narwal is that it doesn’t vacuum and mop at the same time which means you have to swap the modules yourself overtime to switch the tasks. The device can now be booked on Kickstarter for 549 US$ and shipping starts in September this year.

All Images: © Narwal

h/t: New Atlas

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