Photographer combines 50000 shots to show moon in its full glory

You’d think that only satellites can capture moon in its full glory but you all might just be wrong. Photographer Andrew McCarthy uses his telescope, two cameras and a hell lot of photoshop and editing software to create the same stunning image but, from 239,000 miles far and only with almost negligible expense.

McCarthy clicked 50000 images in total from his astronomy camera and the Sony A7 II camera with a 300mm lens and then finished off the project by working long hours on editing the stack photos so that they combine to form this detailed photograph of the moon. The photographer has surely proved everyone who thinks you need huge sum of money for astrophotography wrong and he does not plan to stop just there. “I’d love a new vantage, as the view from Sacramento is a bit far,” McCarthy shares his wish. “If given the chance, I would love to be the first professional astrophotographer to image the Earth from the lunar surface.”

Astrophotography by Andrew McCarthy Astrophotography by Andrew McCarthy

Image Credits: © Andrew McCarthy

Andrew McCarthy: Website | Instagram | Reddit

h/t: Colossal

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