MODL water bottle offer more features as compared to others available in the market

Who doesn’t need a bottle carrying water or other vital liquids while they are on a bicycle run or jog? Hundreds of such bottles exist in market but they seem ordinary now that MODL, created by the group of entrepreneurs from Atlanta, is coming in the market. They describe MODL as a utility bottle as it does a lot more fascinating things than all other simple, hard plastic and boring bottles. The MODL carries a liter of liquid to its full and can be molded in smaller sizes by virtue of its perfectly finished flexible silicone body. The bottle shrinks to smaller sizes when it is empty and saves room to store it. The caps of the MODL is made of polypropylene which can be removed from the body and provide easy access to the inner body surface of the bottle for easy cleaning.

MODL Multi-Funtional Water Bottle

The bottle is equipped with two silicon stretchy straps at both ends near the caps and that allows it to be hung or carried by a variety of things. This enables the bottle to be attached with a belt strap, a bicycle rod, a branch or a lot other things. MODL has several mods which distinguishes it from ordinary bottles. It can be used with normal plain cap ends for simple water though it can be changed if other functions are required.

MODL Multi-Funtional Water Bottle

Like a normal sports bottle style, a GO mod can be used to suck water back into the bottle. Rinse Mod can be used for easy washing as it has five holes in it to deliver gear washing water properly in to the bottle. A flow Mod that puts a hydration hose in the bottle and last but not the least, the pure Mod which serves the best purpose as it filters out 99.99 percent of harmful bacteria from the water.

MODL Multi-Funtional Water Bottle

The bottle is still in the Kickstarter campaign but once it reaches production, you can claim your own for just US$89 with full options. The retail price on MODL is planned to be US$130.

All Images: © MODL

Source: KickstarterMODL Outdoors (via: New Atlas)

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