This cabin provides trekkers a snow-free spot right at the north of arctic terrain

Anyone who has trekked along the arctic terrain on the north of Norway knows how tiring and unbelievably cold it gets and since Norwegians are known for their hospitality, it is of no surprise that they have recently installed a snow-free hut for travelers so that they can rest their feet for a while. Designed by Oslo studio Spinn Arkitekter, the huts imitate the shell of a tortoise as it not only helps them from resisting the harsh climate of the region but also serve as a reminiscent of the pebbles in the rocky terrain. The huts feature a large window on their front so that the trekkers don’t miss out on the panoramic views of the landscape even while they are on rest. The tourists can continue their journey once they have warmed themselves up by making use of the wood burning stove in the hut. Isn’t that just great?

hut 8

hut 3

hut 2

hut 4

hut 5

hut 6

hut 1

All Images: © Tor Even Mathisen

 Architects: SPINN Arkitekter

SPINN Arkitekter: Website | Facebook | Instagram

h/t: My Modern Met

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