Renault is testing it’s next generation electric delivery van, EZ-Flex

Renault has revealed the future of urban package delivery as its all electric delivery van, EZ FLEX is about to be unveiled. The new delivery van is described to be something more than just a vehicle as it has a very smart and economical design which could take it deep into city streets and take it back with no implications whatsoever. The van is designed in such a way that it could bypass thick traffic routes and easily fit into any path available. The van is 3.86 meters long, 1.65 meters wide and 1.88 meters high  and has a turning radius of 4.5m which proves that its size is compact enough to hold on to the claims made by the company.

Renault Electric Delivery Van EZ-Flex Renault Electric Delivery Van EZ-Flex

The van is completely electric and is powered by a rechargeable battery which, when completely charged could enable it to travel 150 km. Being completely electric earns it a big deal with the departments which strongly promote anti-pollution standards. The company has provided the buyers with a 3 cubic meters of storage space which would be used for deliverable cargo and has an ergonomic loading height to provide maximum ease to the delivery guy to load and unload the stuff.

Renault Electric Delivery Van EZ-Flex Renault Electric Delivery Van EZ-Flex

The small size could have some complications like getting in and out of the van for the drivers but Renault has taken good care of it as they have installed various access points in the van to serve that purpose. The EZ FLEX is to be provided to companies, cities and organizations by Renault in order to collect their response data which could further be used to strengthen the van’s design. EZ FLEX is to be on display in Paris Expo Porte de Versilles at VIVA Technology fair from May 16 to May 18, 2018.

Renault Electric Delivery Van EZ-Flex

All Images: © Renault

h/t: New Atlas

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