These day and night composite shots will make you catch all the fleeting moments

Whether you are a night person or a morning one, you cannot deny the fact that both day and night have their own charm and beauty and to celebrate just that, Stephen Wilkes creates compositions for his photographic series, ‘Day and Night’ in which he shows how various cityscapes look from sunrise to sunset, all in one frame.

Wilkes takes as many as 1500 shots of famous landmarks from a fixed camera angle from the beginning of the day till the end. The post production work involves selecting the correct images and then blending them into one single photograph. The whole process is highly complicated with each photograph taking up at least a month to completely develop however the end result showing the brilliant works of light and unique composition of street life makes it all worth it. Check out few of Wike’s masterpieces right here!

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Western Wall, Jerusalem

day and night 3

Tel Aviv, Israel

day and night 18

Eiffel Tower, Paris

day and night 17

Tunnel View, Yosemite

day and night 13

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

day and night 20

Millenium Park, Chicago

day and night 14

Trafalgar Square, London

day and night 15

Pont de la Tournelle Paris

day and night 1

View From The Savoy

day and night 2

Sacre Coeur, Paris

day and night 19

Flatiron, New York

day and night 5

NYC Public Library

day and night 6

Central Park Snow, New York

day and night 7

Central Park View from Essex House, New York

day and night 8

Washington Square, NYC

day and night 9

Presidential Inauguration 2013

day and night 10

America’s Cup SF

day and night 11

Pudong, Shanghai

day and night 12

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All Images: © Stephen Wilkes

Stephen Wilkes: Website | Facebook | Instagram

h/t: Guardian

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