Maintain your personal space with BioVYZR air purifying face shield

Personal space has become an important part in everyone’s life since the outbreak of COVID-19 which has affected people worldwide. As the time is tough and human life is at risk, BioVYZR 1.0 introduced an face shield that protects you by filtering the air around you. Over 95% of the particulate matter present around you along with the airborne pathogens, allergens and pollutants are removed which helps shield your face from any air borne diseases that might be hovering around. Moreover, it also prevents you from unnecessarily touching of face and potentially saving you from danger.

With global pandemics like COVID-19, it has become important to realize that a constant evil lurks around us is not only risking our lives but also putting our loved ones in grave danger. The conventional methods that are currently in practice have not proven to be 100% effective in most cases. While face masks and face shields provide only limited facial coverage, the BioVYZR covers your face entirely sealing the air around you. It includes air filters which is not available in the conventional masks and face shields and also prevents you from touching your face entirely and completes the essence of personal space.

Personal Space

Why personal space is important?

According to scientists to fight against COVID-19, personal protective equipment (PPE) plays the most crucial role especially during a time where social distancing and maintaining personal space is integral. According to them, there are three ways through which the virus is largely transferred namely, by coming into contact with contaminated hands, through the eyes, nose and mouth and via large droplets expelled during a cough or sneeze from mouth and nose. These contaminated particles have the ability to travel up to 6 feet and attack a person nearby and so the chain reaction begins. Since masks or regular face shields cannot create an airtight seal around your nose and face, they are more effective to prevent an infected person from spreading the virus than they are at protecting the person wearing it. The contaminated aerosols can still find a way into your body through the nose and mouth or through the eyes which are not covered.

BioVYZR Personal Space Face Shield

Use BioVYZR to maintain personal space

The BioVYZER is more effective by giving you a complete 360 degree protection while generating more personal space. Your eyes, nose and mouth are all covered without making it uncomfortable. It also has an anti-fogging capability and a high optical clarity so the field of view is not obstructed. While the BioVYZER embeds the powered air purifying respirator which is actively used in industrial and healthcare settings, the company wants to make the technology available for everyone.

BioVYZR Personal Space Face Shield

BioVYZR’s N95 air filters capture particles with a size as small as 2.5µm

BioVYZR includes two air filters, each with 5 layers so they can clean the incoming air and capture particles with a size as small as 2.5µm. Approximately 95% of the air is filtered and sent back into the atmosphere. This personal space equipment also comes with 6 air filter refills that are easy to add and replace. The air you exhale is pushed and sent to a back filter using a battery powered motor fan which creates a negative pressure inside the BioVYZR and helps draw in new air from the surroundings through the filtering air vent. Once the air passes through these two N95 filters, it can free the incoming air of any contaminants. However, it is important to remember that contaminants are trapped onto the filters, extreme care and precaution must be taken while replacing the filters. All the necessary details and steps are included in the guide that comes along with the BioVYZR.

Personal Space

Air Filters effectively filter out micro pollutants

Although the actual coronavirus particles are smaller in size than what the filters are able to remove, most of this virus is carried through the airborne respiratory droplets which have a size of 10-100 microns and cannot pass through the filter thereby simultaneously retaining the virus. Additionally, urban pollution, pollen, mist droplets and dust and soot can all be easily filtered out. The BioVYZR is durable enough to survive all weather conditions and is completely waterproof and windproof. There is a seam seal to ensure rain protection, a moisture control liner and it can even protect you from the harmful UV rays.

Personal Space

BioVYZR face shield boasts an ergonomic design

The design of the BioVYZR face shield is also extremely ergonomic. Being lightweight and comfortable, it is easy to wear and remove and can be fitted over any outfit you want to wear. The mask cum face shield does not touches your hair and includes a chest strap to secure the equipment in place. The top of the shield’s head includes a small loop that can you can use to hang the BioVYZR when not in use. On one side of the chest strap, a D ring is added to hang your hand sanitizer on and the adjustable side buckles make it easy to wear, adjust and remove.

BioVYZR Personal Space Face Shield 3 1

Who can use the BioVYZR face shield?

“We’re taking a “one size fits most” approach to accelerate our first production run,” says the team. The BioVYZR is now available for a price of $169 in two basic sizes for adults and kids that are ‘one-size-fits-all’. The equipment offers the most effective and suitable way to ensure personal space and effective social distancing so that neither you nor your loved ones are in danger.

“We’re able to execute this ambitious production timeline because we already have established material sourcing and manufacturing partners on the ground,” says the BioVYZR team. “Before pivoting to the BioVYZR, we were already in the process of manufacturing our own product lines. As of our launch date, we’ve given a heads up to our partners to switch gears to BioVYZR production.”

Personal Space

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