Ten of The World’s Most Clean Countries

Researchers at Yale and Columbia University (American based universities) compiled an annual index based on water and air quality, carbon emissions and pollution health impacts to determine the cleanest countries on the globe. This is commonly known as Environmental Performance Index or EPI. And to most peoples’ surprise European countries lead the way on the top. See it for yourself..!!  

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10. France

EPI: 87.8

France got a perfect score of 100 in drinking water parameters, plantation and forestry. Also got a 95 in the parameters of air pollution, ozone health and ecosystem preservation. France lagged behind in areas of agricultural subsidies, natural biodiversity, creation of protected marine territories and protection of marine resources. All these factors affected the overall EPI score.

10. France World’s Ten Most Clean Countries

Image: frasse21/Flickr

9. Colombia

EPI: 88.3

Columbia never dumps untreated waste water back to waterways hence providing the best quality drinking water to its citizens. Colombia is the worldwide leading exporter of coffee and flowers. It got 99.9 on the parameters of land-intensive crops. Life expectancy in Colombia is 73 years old.

9. Colombia World’s Ten Most Clean Countries

Image: Carlos Bolivar/Flickr

8. Latvia

EPI: 88.8

Latvia lost only 0.1 points to New Zealand in wastewater treatment facilities and drinking water quality while scoring a perfect 100 in the parameters of ozone health, forestry and irrigation system. Latvia scored 95 in parameters of air pollution, drinking water and pesticide regulations.

8. Latvia World’s Ten Most Clean Countries

Image: Suzanne Rowcliffe/Flickr

7. New Zealand

EPI: 88.9

New Zealand has done well when it comes to air purity, wastewater treatment and availability of clean drinking water. Also New Zealand is trying to protect its marine territory and keeping carbon dioxide emissions to possible minimum levels.

7. New Zealand World’s Ten Most Clean Countries

Image: Spreng Ben/Flickr

6. Austria

EPI: 89.4

Austria has done well in wastewater management and drinking water quality. With eco-friendly agriculture and fairly protected water resources, Austria is ranked sixth.

6. Austria World’s Ten Most Clean Countries

Image: Miguel Zafra/Flickr

5. Costa Rica

EPI: 90.5

With implementation of global industrial eco-standards and efficient wastewater treatment methods Costa Rica has earned itself the fifth place.

5. Costa Rica World’s Ten Most Clean Countries

Image: David Amsler/Flickr

4. Finland

EPI: 91.4

Finland famous for having thousands of lakes hasn’t forgotten to take care of the quality of its drinking water precisely.  Maintaining the air and water quality takes Finland to number fourth spot. Also, Finland has been the best in maintaining marine resources and treatment of agricultural wastewater.

4. Finland World’s Ten Most Clean Countries

Image: Nuuttipukki/Flickr

3. Norway

EPI: 93.1

Norway scored a perfect 100 in parameters of water and air quality, ozone levels, and sanitation. Also 98% of electricity is being generated from hydropower (water) in Norway.

3. Norway World’s Ten Most Clean Countries

Knut-Arve Image: Simonsen/Flickr

2. Sweden

EPI: 93.1

Sweden tied with Norway on EPI but performing well in minimization of carbon dioxide emissions, preservation of air purity and perfect drinking water sealed them the second spot.

2. Sweden World’s Ten Most Clean Countries

Image: Anders Bengtsson/Flickr

1. Switzerland

EPI: 95.5

With highest Environmental Performance Index Switzerland is by far the cleanest country of the world. The country gained maximum in 8 parameters including wastewater treatment technology, quality of drinking water and prohibition of pesticides use in agriculture. For a country this clean with high standard of hygiene life expectancy is as high as 81 years.

1. Switzerland World’s Ten Most Clean Countries

Image: Nicolas Fleury/Flickr

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