Lijo Reny Architects’ modern house in India brings greenery in abundance to both inside and outside

Residing in a house with lots of foliage around is always so refreshing and invigorating. Bringing the greenery inside the house, Lijo Reny Architects has designed ‘the regimented house’ in Kerala, India satisfying the client’s needs to have a nature-filled dwelling.

Completed in December 2017, the building occupies an area of 6,850 square feet comprising two floors – the ground being reserved for occasional purposes while the upper part of the house has two bedrooms and the dining area which is situated at the centre of the house.

The home’s gridded layout has two blocks separated by a scenic and spacious courtyard, adding a touch to the home’s decor with that greenish view.

Furthermore, the house has panels that allow light to penetrate through, creating patterns of light onto the floor during the day. At the same time, this layout is also designed for maximum air to enter the house maintaining a pleasant temperature by keeping the house cool at all times!

All Images: © Praveen Mohand

h/t: Design Boom

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