Learn more about your favourite animals with Brooke Barker’s adorable illustrations

In all our narcissism we feel like we know all about our pets and other animals that we have had the chance to look up closely but these adorable illustrations from Brooke Barker’s Sad Animal Facts will make you realize how much we don’t know about the animals. The title do sound awfully depressing but once you realize that facts are only really saddening to us as humans and do not really bother the animals themselves, you’d start to enjoy all the illustrations. Scroll below to start learning about these facts already!

animals 16

animals 13

animals 8

animals 3

animals 20

animals 2

animals 19

animals 5

animals 22

animals 24

animals 21

animals 15

animals 1

animals 23

animals 9

animals 28

animals 4

animals 17

animals 6

animals 25

animals 7

animals 27

animals 18


Images: © Brooke Barker

h/t: My Modern Met

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