You’d never use a Q-Tip after knowing its terrifying hazards

If your first and only response to removing earwax is reaching out for a Q-tip then you might want to understand how it is not only just ineffective but drastically harmful as well. While we think the tiny cotton swabs take out the wax successfully from our ears however, the fact of the matter is that it pushes the wax further into our ear drum and frequent use of Q-tips can cause the wax to line up and harden all along the ear canal.

This hardened earwax directly affects your ears and can even cause permanent damage to your hearing ability. Otolaryngologist Stephen Rothstein along with many other doctors also discussed something similar back in 2013 and ended the debate forever with his comment, “Buy Q-Tips if you want to make an ear doctor rich”.

Check out the video below to know safer alternatives to clean your ears!

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