Largest Automated Factory

The brewers Grupo Modelo have built a bottling factory at Piedras Negras, in Couhuila state, Northern Mexico. All the operations, from production to packing and distribution are handled automatically. Physically there are no workers on the floor and all the operations are managed with a touch of keyboard and a display screen. The facility is with equipped with 54 robots, taking care of control, quality, mixing of beers, filling of bottles, sealing and packaging. These robots can fill up-to 800 bottles per minute, giving a total bottling capacity of nearly 10,000 hectoliters a year. Alongside the bottling robots, there are laser guided automated transport trolleys. The staff has been trained to use laser operated forklifts and platforms to control software that monitor the production process, from the cooking of the malt and bottling to delivery of the final product.

The plant was established in collaboration with a Swiss company specializing in beverage packaging machinery, Sidel. It took a total cost of US$ 520 million to build it. This automated factory reached its full production capacity in 2011.

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