The ‘Best Countries’ to Grow Old in

A study was conducted by Global AgeWatch Index, a division of HelpAge International, across some 91 countries to indicate and highlight the best possible options for an ageing population to live their lives in most favourable conditions and serene environment. The data was collected in four categories:

  • Education and Employment
  • Income Security
  • Health
  • Environment

Let’s find out which countries made it to top 10.

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15. Finland

Finland just made it to top 15.

Northern Lights over the Pyhae Luostu National Park in Northern Island. Image : Getty Images/Vetta

14. Australia

Although Australia was ranked at the 14th spot, but surprisingly surpassed by its neighbor New Zealand by seven places.

Image: Getty Images/David Rodgers

13. United Kingdom

United Kingdom couldn’t feature among the top 10 because of its educational status and lack of employment opportunities for the people over 60 years. However UK has been placed above other European countries; France and Spain.

Image: Getty Images

12. Ireland

Better access to the public transport system and freedom to live independently puts Ireland one spot ahead of its neighbor the UK.

Torr Head along the Causeway Coast line, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Image: Getty Images

11. Austria

Poor rating in education and employment cost Austria the number 10th spot in the rankings.

People skiing on mountain in Austria. Image: Getty Images/Westend61

10. Japan

Japan is the only Asian country to have made it to top 10. Many people would have expected China to be somewhere in this slot but against their expectations, China sits at number 35.

Image: Getty Images/Keith Tsuji

9. Iceland

Another Nordic country.

Lake Myvatn in Iceland; Nature reserve and place for large bird colonies. Images: Getty Images

8. United States of America

USA stood second when it comes to education and employment but its overall ranking fell particularly because of income.

Image: Getty images/Matt McClain;The Washington Post

7. New Zealand

New Zealand took the seventh spot.

Lake Matheson perfectly reflects, Mount Tasman and Mount Cook on a cold fall morning. Image: Getty Images/Jochen Schlenker

6. Switzerland

With high healthy life expectancy for the 60 years old and above, Switzerland sits comfortably at the top in health category with overall ranking of 6th.

Image: Getty Images/Harold Cunningham

5. Canada

Canada is the only non-European country to be listed in top 5.

Image: Getty Images/John Moore

4. Netherlands

Netherlands stood at number four.

Image: AP Photo/Peter Dejong

3. Germany

The largest and the strongest of the economies of Europe, Germany stood third.

Cologne Cathedral and the Hohenzollern Bridge on the Rhein River, Germany. Image: Getty Images/Deejpilot

2. Norway

Norway missed the top spot by a whisker.

Typical red wooden house in the winter landscape of Lofoten Islands, Norway. Image: Getty Images/RelaxFoto.de

1. Sweden

In 1913, Sweden introduced the world’s first universal pension scheme. Its social welfare, pensions, employment and educational policies have made it a great place to grow old. Therefore, ranked at the top spot by Global AgeWatch.

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