Jim Darling’s “Windows” will make you travel all around the world

The detailing in artist Jim Darling’s ongoing series, Windows will probably make you look at it twice to confirm if it is a painting or a photograph. The artist creates these wonderful paintings on behalf of all of those who miss out on great views from up above each time they take a nap on flights. The LA based artist recreates many landscape as well as cityscape views that can be seen from the height of 35,000 foot. To make it more realistic, the artist captions the take off and touchdown location with each of his paintings. Darling has till now shown us the glimpse of scenic locations, rocky gorges and urban skyline with skyscrapers from the white aeroplane windows and we are absolutely in love with all of them!

Jim Darling Jim Darling Jim Darling Jim Darling Jim Darling Jim Darling Jim DarlingJim Darling

Image Credit: Jim Darling
Jim Darling: Website | Instagram
h/t: Colossal

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