Handheld disinfectant device kills bacteria using just salt and water

Since there is a worldwide pandemic going on, it’s now more than ever that we need disinfectant and cleaning products to keep those nasty viruses away. While the sanitizer companies are hoarding money with the increased prices of their products, Egret, a Chinese company has developed a device that mixes water and salt in the right ratio to kill germs when sprayed over any sort of surface and substance, even fruits!

Composition of disinfectant solution used

The disinfectant is environmentally-friendly, easy to use household sanitizing device. It is built on patented technology that creates a chemically electrolyzed emulsion of water and salt that proves as a non-harmful disinfectant. The makers of Egret say that they call this emulsion as electrolyzed water or EO water. EO water is made by passing electricity through a mixture of salt and water which in turn makes a disinfectant which combats germs, bacteria, and viruses with a success rate of 99.5%. The chemistry behind the entire process is the transformation of this water and salt to hypochlorous acid and sodium hydroxide which proves to be a healthy, non-harmful disinfectant and surprisingly an air purifier so in case you have babies or kids at home, this can be a very useful yet safe disinfectant to use. The technology that has been around for decades now becomes an everyday friendly (except the germs of course) disinfectant and very necessary during these pandemic times.

Egret Disinfectant 3

Comparison with Traditional Disinfectants

In comparison with the commercially used detergents and cleaning products, the Egret salt and water disinfectant is proven to give the same cleaning results with lesser adverse effects for human health. The studies at the Universities of Georgia, Griffin, and RMIT in Melbourne, Australia prove that electrolyzed water shows a more promising result than the conventional detergents and also act as a better sanitizer. The three main targets the makers of Egret have achieved with this disinfectant product are:
A) Eradication of the use of single-use plastics that has become the number one threat to the planet.
B) Eradicating the amount of money spent on buying expensive and harmful detergents.
C) Eradicating the normalized use of toxic chemicals known as detergents as everyday used disinfectants.


How does the device work?

The device internally electrolyzes water and salt into EO in 60 seconds and takes three minutes to sanitize where sprayed. The design of the bottle is like that of a spray bottle which makes it easy to use. The electrolyzed water can be sprayed over carpets, shoes, kitchen slabs, toys, fruits and vegetables, furniture and anything else one can think of even the air in which it works by breaking odor molecules, purifying it. Its healthier for washing fruits and vegetables as it removes any pesticide residues. The only negative functionality of the device is the fact that the disinfectant has to be used immediately as it loses its potency when left stationary for too long.


Price and Additional Features of Egret Disinfectant

The device comes with a USB charging cable and has a spoon attached to the top for measuring the amount of salt to be used in the emulsion. It has a lifetime warranty for any sort of damage. It is said to last up to 3 years with regular use and is not required any sort of secondary accessory to make its use worthwhile. The device costs about $109 with its first release and if things go accordingly to plan it will sell at $219 but the upside to this device is that it only uses a few dollars worth of solvents which can, in turn, save a lot of money annually.

Image Courtesy: Egret
Source: Kickstarter

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