If you work from home then the state of Vermont will pay you $10,000 for just moving there

Gone are the days when people had to push through the crowds on the street in order to get to the office. In fact, modern technology has completely cut off the hassle of commute by encouraging the space for online jobs. However, little did we know the online jobs can even provide us with some very surprising perks such as, an opportunity to move to Vermont!

Vermont is blessed with a mesmerizing landscape and a cold climate however; its population is ageing and the tax base is shrinking. To counter this economic crisis, Governor of Vermont, Phil Scott has signed a bill, granting $10,000 to remote workers to relocate to the state. The bill would be effective from January 2019 and would be distributed to 100 people each year for three consecutive years and from then on 20 applicants will be given this opportunity, provided that they are full-time employed in a remote business.

The state has also announced a Stay to Stay Weekend Program in order to encourage the visitors to mingle with the locals and get to know about living in The Green Mountain State so that they can make up their minds relocating. Check out their website to know more about this initiative!

Heaader Image: © Istock

h/t: Mental Floss

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