Huawei has stepped up the foldable phones’ race with Mate XS.

Foldable phones might become common in the future, if we look at the way tech companies are introducing them. After announcing it’s first model, called the Mate X in 2019, Huawei just added another to its list of foldable phones called the Mate XS, this year, in 2020. Huawei is calling its design as the Flacon’s Wing Design.
Thanks to a new unique hinge design which makes the Mate Xs fold very smoothly. When folded, the phone easily fits the pocket and the palm.

Huawei Mate XS Foldable phone

The phone has a magnificent OLED 16.7 million colours’ display. 16.7 million colours’ display, displays 256 levels for all red, blue and green colours. The screen is 8 inches when unfolded and there is a 6.6 inches’ main screen and a 6.38 inches secondary screen. The resolution is 2480 x 2200 when unfolded and decreases to 2480 x 1148 when folded.

Huawei Mate XS Foldable phoneHuawei Mate XS Foldable phone

Huawei has one of the best camera results among most phone companies. The Mate XS has a Leica Quad rear camera that offers high quality realistic photography. The phone has one 40MP camera with a wide angle lens, one 16PM camera with ultra wide lens and another 8MP camera offering telephotography. There is also a time of flight (ToF) sensor for photos with higher and better depth. The phone doesn’t technically have a front camera as the rear camera becomes the main camera when the phone is folded.
The phone has a 4500 mAh battery installed with Huawei 55W supercharge. There is only one color being offered and that is Interstellar Blue. The Huawei Mate XS functions on an Octa-core processor and uses a different Operating System called the EMUI 10.0.1 that is based on the Android 10 OS.                            Huawei Mate XS Foldable phone
Huawei claims that the Mate XS has the fastest 5G connectivity out of all folding phones. “The Huawei Mate X was our first foray into the foldable category and it set the standard for the industry,” said Huawei’s CEO Richard Yu, “The Huawei Mate Xs is raising the bar further with even more powerful connectivity and integrated user experiences. It’s the fastest 5G smartphone of its class. Prepare to meet the unprecedented – again.”

Images: © Huawei 

h/t: New Atlas

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