Architects create magic by integrating reading and rainbows together for this library

Reading a good book does take you to places with pretty rainbows above your head. You might think of this as a figurative phrase but it is actually quite literal, thanks to the architectural designers WUtopia Lab. The design studio has recently added a majestic rainbow structure onto the ceiling and the walls of the reading room of a bookstore in Suzhou, China. The structure is made up of 1cm thick aluminum sheets that have been neatly carved into curves and other flowy shapes and have been given a gradient with every shade that there is in the ROYGBIV spectrum.

The vibrant installation-like structure is named “Xanadu of Rainbows”, where Xanadu refers to an idyllic space which is exactly what the architects wished to create. Its swooping panels function as creative dividers in the open spaced library hence sectioning the area into several tranquil reading nooks. Doesn’t that sound like a reading heaven?

rainbow 9 rainbow 11 rainbow 5 rainbow 2 rainbow 4 rainbow 3 rainbow 6 rainbow 8 rainbow 7 rainbow 1

Image Credits: © Yijie Hu

h/t: Colossal

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