GoCube is a bluetooth-connected Rubik’s cube to let you compete against other online players

There have been many versions of the Rubik’s cube ever since its inception 44 years ago. However, this one is the strangest one you will ever see. The GoCube is a Bluetooth-connected Rubik’s cube filled with sensors and other electronic components to help the user learn how to work around different ways of solving one in order to win against other users, online.

As we all know, solving the Rubik’s cube isn’t a game of luck. There are many ways to solve the cube and one of the simplest ways is by removing the stickers and sticking them back according to the colors. However, if one really wants to get technical about it, they learn the ways of 3D pattern recognition, which later allows them to solve the cube while juggling.

GoCube Rubiks Cube 5

The GoCube is the digital way to solve this thing. With its onboard sensors, it can tell the positioning of each block, as well as the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), so it is also aware of its orientation. It then communicates through Bluetooth onto a smartphone/tablet app, which shows you the actual cube orientation on the phone.

GoCube Rubiks Cube 1

If you’re a beginner, the cube will teach you all the basic requirements and knowledge of solving a cube. This will help increase your ranks and help you win cube battles against anyone you challenge. When you’re done solving it, the embedded LEDs of the GoCube light up to symbolize success!

GoCube Rubiks Cube 4

One of the best things about the GoCube is the amount of intuitive ways it can help you to solve the Rubik’s cube, helping you not only learn a skill but also improve your instincts.

GoCube comes in different models with the cheapest one standing at a price point of US$59 and the pro-level, GoCube edge at a price of US$79. The advanced level one allows super-accurate time measurement down to a thousand of a second, along with game analysis, offline progress saves for difficult solves as well as access to an online GoCube league and worldwide leaderboards.

GoCube Rubiks Cube 2

The device (read: puzzle) is live on Kickstarter, with deliveries scheduled to begin in March next year. While it might be a cool edition for beginners, let’s see how the professionals at this skill will react.

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h/t: New Atlas

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