This Daredevil’s Free Diving Attempt In Arctic Will Literally Take Your Breath Away

Diving in the pool is one thing and diving in serene oceans is another but, free diving in the Arctic is something that is completely incomparable with any other thing in the world.

The experience does not just entail diving but shoveling a section of ice to unveil the ice-cold water below. The daring people who love the sport or just want to try it once then dive into the freezing water and literally swim under the ice. Some might find this idea scary while some find it too enthralling. British director, Ian Derry found it both when he joined Johanna Nordblad, a Finnish free diver who holds a world record for the sport, to film her for a short video for NATGeo.

Derry’s short film will scare you to your core or will intrigue you so much that you will immediately put free diving in Arctic on the top of your bucket list.

Video / Embed

References: NAT Geo

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