Mom Turns Her Kids’ Meals Into Amazing Works of Art

Making children eat breakfast is no wonder one of the most dreadful duties but every once in a while, dedicated mothers surprise us with their creative ways to make the process easier.

Anne Widya, the mother of four makes quirky sculptures from sunny side up eggs, including several other breakfast assortments to compose a healthy yet creative meal for the kids.  Widya uses cookie cutter to shape the eggs and sushi wraps to shape them into smiley turkey, kissing birds and happy pigs.  Who wouldn’t want a breakfast like that?

This fun take on an egg-in-the-hole gets sporty with a yolk made like a basketball.

A Bear and a Basketball

A house with an egg roof.

a house with an egg roof

Anime character, Totoro with sushi rolls, rice, and an eggy cloud.

anime character Totoro with sushi rolls

Bunny rabbit with apple slice and orange slice.

bunny rabbit

For this adorable bunny, Widya simply used cling wrap to mold the rice.

Bunny With Balloons

Widya made not one but two of these hot-dogs-in-a-canoe kid-friendly combos!

Canoe Ride

A flower egg embedded in toast.

flower egg embedded in toast

A good morning message and butterfly with sausages, strawberries and eggs.

good morning message and butterfly

Ice cream sundae with 4 little dogs.

ice cream sundae with 4 little dogs

Two kissing birds with a heart made of egg.

kissing birds

Widya created lovely lady out of toast, rice, dried seaweed and her signature sunny-side-up egg.

Lovely Lady

A toast, a couple of sausages, some grapes, and an egg create the perfect mountain-and-sky edible scene.

Mountain View

One waffle, one apple, a little syrup and the breakfast is ready to blast off in a rocket!

Rocket Launch

This yellow-rice bunny takes a nap under a fried-egg blanket. Looks, er, comfy?

Sleeping Bunny

Edible Snoopy is centerstage here and his pal Woodstock is on the right hanging out on the right.

Snoopy Scene

Speedy Gonazles is made mostly out of bread and peanut butter, but don’t forget the apple for his tie!

Speedy Gonzales

A turkey made out of apple slices with a yolk face.

turkey made out of apple

That rice-and-seaweed zebra with chicken teriyaki and baby bok choy surrounding him looks absolutely adorable.

Zebra in the Wild

Images: © Anne Widya

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