This Floating Cloud Speaker is Straight Out of Your Dreams

Richard Clarkson Studio and Crealev collaboratively made an imitating hovering cloud which constitutes features like playing music and flashing light while hovering.

Couple years back Richard Clarkson made a smart cloud, a charmingly genuine-looking cloud shaped lamp/speaker. The idea behind this innovation was to bring thunderstorm to your living space with the real-looking cloud that mimics actual thunder-lightening while at the same time functions as a regular lamp and a Bluetooth speaker. With all the fully functional features this innovation had a certain downside because it had to be hung with a cord from the ceiling which utterly hampered the concept of tangible and enchanted cloud floating in your living room.

Richard Clarkson Floating Cloud 1

Image: © Richard Clarkson

Richard Clarkson Floating Cloud 2

Image: © Richard Clarkson

This year Clarkson studio is back with the project named: Making Weather, an enhancement over the previous one. This project integrates the original smart cloud design with the magnetic levitating technology form Crealev, a company known for developing levitating products to solve the cloud floating problem.

Manufactured from clumps of white polyester fibers, magnetic components are embedded into the cloud and it oval base. As per its designer, the cloud has ‘full rotational movement’ and floats 1-2 inch up the base to create the full real-time cloud experience.

Richard Clarkson Floating Cloud 4

Image: © Richard Clarkson

Richard Clarkson Floating Cloud 5

Image: © Richard Clarkson

According to Clarkson, “The shape of the cloud is designed to represent a cumulus hovering on the horizon, though we also drew inspiration from more generic cloud-computing icons.” He further added that, “Each cloud is hand fluffed so each one is unique – just like a cloud should be.”

The base should remain plugged in all the time. A dedicated rechargeable battery powers the cloud which also gives a musical and lightning experience. Although, it’s just a prototype as of now but it will be commercially available soon.

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