Float In This Capsule Hotel To Arrive At An Exotic Japanese Island

You’d probably assume the only way to cross a considerable amount of ocean to get to an island would be through some uncomfortable boat ride but, Japan based Dutch-themed park Huis Ten Bosch begs to differ. The theme park offers its guests to stay over at Sasebo island, which is at a distance of 3.5 miles from the beach. The island is almost untouched at this point but Huis Ten Bosch’s management has planned to turn the uninhabited 420,000-square-foot island into an amazing resort with new attractions. However, it is not the island that is stealing all the limelight but the very ride that will take the guests to the vacation spot.

Huis Ten Bosch designed the floating capsule cum hotel, Mizukami Hotel to act as a transportation mode for the guests to reach to their exotic destination. The hotel has regular 4 rooms of 36 to 38 square meters but waking up to see yourself drifting in the water is what makes it so interesting. The company has set the price of this extraordinary ride with an exceptional view at $300 dollars a night. Just a heads up though, do make sure not to drift too far away to North Korea in this capsule!

References: Curbed, Bored Panda, Digital Trends

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