HomeBiogas system turns your food waste into cooking gas

Are you worried about the ongoing deterioration of the environment and the subsequent climate change? Are you trying to find how you can play your part in mitigating these effects? Well, HomeBiogas is the answer.

I bet you are already familiar with the concept of composting, yes? Well this is sort of an upgrade! HomeBiogas allows you to convert kitchen waste into usable cooking gas as well as liquid fertilizer, making it the epitome of self-sustained sustainability! So, now every family in even the most urban areas can go green. HomeBiogas hopes to be at everyone’s homes pretty soon.

If we talk about its appearance – since many people wish to keep their lawns neat and clean – the system looks like a mini green house with many components fitted inside in order to extract energy from the organic matter you put in. The components are: a suspended digester tank, a built-in gas storage unit, a heat-capturing solar cover, a special patented gas pressure mechanism, a filter and a chlorinator. All of these parts work in unification, allowing the system to digest 6 quarts of food waste every day.  As for the outcome, biogas (65% methane, 35% carbon dioxide) produced is enough to fuel three hours of cooking.

HomeBiogas System

Image: HomeBiogas

The best part is that you can assemble the HomeBiogas anywhere since it’s both simple and easy to put together. So, now you no longer have to worry about the availability of clean cooking gas. The CEO of HomeBiogas, Oshik Efrati, said that, ‘Our goal at HomeBiogas is to make this system available to everyone, whether you live in a rural area or are an urbanite with a modern kitchen. Our system eliminates waste, makes clean gas, and puts an end to breathing in cooking smoke. If everyone owned a HomeBiogas unit, our world would be much cleaner, safer, and greener.’ HomeBiogas claims its digester can digest up to 6 liters of food waste or 15 liters of animal manure to create around 3 hours’ worth of clean cooking gas per day.

So, are you excited about generating your very own energy and reducing your carbon footprint? If yes, support this tech-forward green revolution, and order your HomeBiogas system for only $1,500.

Your purchase won’t only benefit you, but will benefit the entire world comprising of 7 billion people.

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