Find out why nose picking is not a healthy habit at all

Nose picking is a nasty habit, yes but apart from that, it is pretty unhealthy for your body as well. Dr. Erich Voigt, an otolaryngologist at New York University explains in a Tech Insider video at YouTube how nose picking causes abrasion in your nose cavity which ultimately leads to bleeding. Bleeding is not that worrisome however, the nose germs such as Staphylococcus aureus survive on that blood and causes several infections such as abscesses, food poisoning and sinusitis. Of course, every nose picker does not get hit by the storm of these diseases but people with weaker immune system become an easy target. So, if you consider yourself to be fit in the latter category or want to avoid the germs anyway, you might want to consider blowing your nose instead of picking it.

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h/t: Life Hacker

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