Emirates super fancy first class suites are packed with ultra-luxurious amenities

Is there any end to opulence? Certainly not for Emirates. Considered to be one of the best airlines in the world, Emirates has just set the bar very high with its luxurious first-class suites (inspired by Mercedes-Benz) in the new 777.

The elite class (read: rich ones) on board were treated to Emirates’ first-class suites which are first of its kind! Entirely closed, the suite is 40 feet wide with various features such as ‘zero-gravity’ seats, Safari binoculars, active noise cancelling EI headphones designed and manufactured especially for Emirates by Bowers and Wilkins, as well as virtual windows. In addition to this, there’s an entertainment system which offers 2,500 channels. The 32 inch HD LCD TV, equipped with a wireless remote, is the largest widescreen digital touch TV on any airline (according to Emirates). Moreover, you can even set the lighting and temperature according to your mood. Can this get any better? Wait for it.

Emirates First Class Suite 4

Image via Emirates

Emirates First Class Suite 1

Image via Emirates

There are virtual windows on the cabin suites that show a high-definition view of the outside using real-time cameras that are placed on the plane. The zero-gravity seats are the coolest, as they provide unparalleled comfort by eliminating all sorts of pressure exerted on your back, elbows or neck.

Emirates First Class Suite 3

Image via Emirates

The number of available suites is only six – which is fine, considering the fact that the majority cannot afford them. Apart from the features discussed above, there are curtains, doors that extend from floor to the ceiling, a service window through which you can request for more food, and a video call feature which is a politer way of asking for room service.

Emirates First Class Suite 5 Emirates First Class Suite 2

Images via Emirates

It still doesn’t end here! All those who opt for flying in these suites are given a complimentary chauffeur service which uses Mercedes-Benz S-Class cars. No wonder Emirates refers to these suites as ‘hotel in the sky’.

Source: Emirates

h/t: The Verge

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