‘Rocketbook’, reusable notebook let’s you erase the text simply by putting it in a microwave

We have become so used to the digital world that many of us have forgotten what it was like to write on paper. And every once in a while, when we get the opportunity to scribble down things on a notebook, we can’t help but miss simpler times. I still remember people trying to reach each other through their handwriting or the way they made their dot on top of the ‘i’. Gone are those days since all we do is type, type and type some more.

Rocketbook Wave 2

However, there are people amongst us who are trying to keep the tradition of using notebooks alive. These notebooks aren’t as simple though, they too, have become a product of technology in today’s world. The concept of a reusable notebook isn’t a new one as we have seen the Livescribe notebook, Equil Smartmarker and Smart Kapp that all have the ability to send your notes to your devices through cloud sharing. But what makes the Rocketbook unique is its ability to erase contents just by putting it in the microwave for thirty seconds!

The creator, Joe Lemay, has designed this A4, 8.5 x 11 inches-notebook, and so far, people are loving it. This is evident by their response on the crowdfunding campaign – raising US $ 300,000 while only aiming for $20,000!

Rocketbook Wave 3

So, what else does the Rocketbook have besides the fancy microwavable feature? Well, at the bottom of each page, you will see a row of seven icons that are known as the ‘magic’ buttons. Each button can be linked to a location in the cloud so that you may sort out your notes according to the theme. For instance, you can assign Evernote to a magic button and send all your university notes there or link Dropbox to one of them and keep all your doodles there. This feature aims to satisfy the mini OCD we all have. Moreover, the Rocketbook comes with an app that works on both iOS and Android. The app works like a scanner as you place it above the double page and it scans each page, sending it to the respective location.

Rocketbook Wave 1

A regular pen works just fine but Pilot’s FriXion pens are irresistible comparatively. The ink used in these pens has the ability to turn invisible upon heating and as the Rocketbook is microwave-safe, you can erase everything within 30 seconds of heating it. That’s pretty cool – you don’t have to worry about someone snatching away your notebook and reading your deepest darkest secrets since you can simply toss the notebook in the microwave!!

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