Embrace Nature with These Awesome Off-the-Grid Hotels

For those who have the desire to totally unwind, relax and commune with nature, then take a break from your boring fast paced city life and there are some wild getaways waiting for you right in the middle of amazingly tranquil wilderness. So get out of your chair today, take your backpack and head towards the incredible destinations that we have listed down for you to have an ultimate experience.

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EL Capitan Canyon

Location: Santa Barbara, California, USA

Pricing: $145 – $170/night

Tempting Accommodation Style:  Safari tents 

El Capitan Canyon offers 26 classic safari tents making the traditional camping experience a lot more comfortable. Each tent measures a spacious 12′ x 14′ and is built on a permanently raised wooden deck. You have a choice between having a queen bed or get your tent furnished with two double beds. All tents have screened windows and zip-down flaps so you don’t need to worry about surprise intruders.

Each tent has been provided with an outdoor grill and fire pit, benches and picnic table in case you prefer to cook your own food.

Bathroom and shower facilities have been made available in the nearby buildings.

EL Capitan Canyon Hotel

 Image: El Capitan Canyon

Entre Cielos

Location: Mendoza, Argentina

Pricing: $450-$670/night

Tempting Accommodation Style: The Limited Edition Vineyard Loft

Along with 5 other room types to choose from, The Limited Edition Vineyard Loft is the famed attraction here at Entre Cielos standing right above the Malbec vines. It has a space for two persons to comfortably fit in with facilities of 1 queen size bed, Free Wi-Fi, Minibar, Shower and exterior bath tub on the terrace and a window in the roof that offers views of the expansive starry sky, Flat screen TV with satellite channels, Air-conditioning and iPod dock station.

Entre Cielos

Image: Entre Cielos


Image: Entre Cielos

Gamirasu Cave Hotel

Location: Cappadocia, Turkey

Pricing:  $375/night

Tempting Accommodation Style: Cave rooms

Inaugurated in 1999, Gamirasu Cave Hotel consists of 35 cave rooms. Rooms made up of volcanic rock called “Tuff” provide a natural system of cooling in summers and heating in winters. This material keeps the temperature between 17 and 20oC. The hotel also has a 74 square meters swimming pool.


Image: Gamirasu Cave Hotel


Image: Gamirasu Cave Hotel

Loisaba Wilderness

Location:  Laikipia, Kenya

Pricing:  $336/adult

Tempting Accommodation Style: Star beds

Sleep under the stars literally with two available sets of star beds at Loisaba Wilderness. These beds are placed on hand crafted wooden platform that are raised considerably high from the ground. The platform is partially covered with a roof made out of straws. The beds are provided with two wheels to be pushed under the roof or out at the open deck according to the need.

Loisaba Wilderness (1)

Image: Loisaba Wilderness

Loisaba Wilderness (2)

Image: Loisaba Wilderness

Moose Meadow Lodge

Location:  Waterbury, Vermont, USA

Pricing:  $425-$475/night

Tempting Accommodation Style: Treehouse

Want to spend some time in wilderness and experience nature without sacrificing luxury and comfort, then Moose Meadow Lodge is for you. Located in the middle of 86 acres of Green Mountain, the Moose Meadow Lodge let you experience skiing, hiking, snowmobiling, biking, hunting, fishing or just stay in the treehouse and enjoy the peace and serenity of the surroundings. The 29 large sized windows of the treehouse allow you to lose yourself completely into the hands of nature.

Moose Meadow Lodge (1)

Image: Moose Meadow Lodge

Moose Meadow Lodge (2)

Image: Moose Meadow Lodge


Location: Dan, Virginia, USA

Pricing:  $600-$900/night

Tempting Accommodation Style: Treehouses

The treehouses at Primland, located at an altitude of about 2,700 feet, offer comprehensive sights of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The main lodge offers fitness center, spa and golf course. Other facilities include ATV trail riding, disc golf, fly fishing, horseback riding, mountain biking, nature walks, shooting sports, sporting clays and stargazing.

Primland (3)

Image:  Primland

Primland (1)

Image:  Primland

Primland Hotel

Image:  Primland


Location:  Builth Wells, Powys, Wales

Pricing:  $170/night approx.

Tempting Accommodation Style:  Red Kite Tree Tent

Looking for a hassle free break? Sheepskin is certainly for you then. The Red Kite Tree Tent at Sheepskin is the first of its kind in UK. The spherical structure is 3m in diameter, light weight which is made up of hybrid Aluminium. And guess what, the interior is sizeable enough to comfortably accommodate two adults.

Sheepskin Hotel

Image: Sheepskin Red Kite Tree Tent

Sheepskin Hotel

Image: Sheepskin Red Kite Tree Tent

Silky Oaks

Location:  Mossman, Queensland, Australia

Pricing:   Deluxe treehouse from $538/night. River-house starting at $689/night

Tempting Accommodation Style:   River-houses and treehouses

 Located on the Mossman Gorge River, the treehouses are perched above to let you appreciate the natural tropical environment. Observe the happenings from a spa bathtub. Enjoy tennis courts, yoga classes and guided walks.


Image: Silky Oaks Lodge

The Resort at Paws Up

Location:  Greenough, Mont.

Pricing:   $550/person/night (two bedroom tent), $1,102/person/night (one bedroom tent)

Tempting Accommodation Style:   Cliffside Camp tent suites

Cliffside Camp combines luxurious services with the Resort’s most fabulous views to create the ultimate glamping experience in Montana. Four two-bedroom tent suites feature plenty of room for families, while two one-bedroom (adult-only) honeymoon tents serve as an ideal accommodation for romantic getaways. Each tent features an en-suite bathroom and air conditioning.


Image: The Resort At Paws Up


Image: The Resort At Paws Up


Image: The Resort At Paws Up


Image: The Resort At Paws Up


Location:  Darfield, New Zealand.

Pricing:    $295/night

Tempting Accommodation Style:   Covered wagon

The Wagon was built in 2005 by Ray Whiting, a design engineer. WagonStays is a unique, romantic, fun, isolated and luxurious escape. The Wagon is comfortably placed in the corner of beautiful 90 acre family farm. Inside this air conditioned wagon you’ll find a CD player, Coffee/Tea facilities, DVD Player, Fridge, Microwave, Satellite TV and Wi-Fi too.

WagonStays (1)

Image: WagonStays

WagonStays (2)

Image: WagonStays

WagonStays (3)

Image: WagonStays


Location:  Les Giettes, Switzerland

Pricing:    Summers: $435/night | Winters: $550/night

Tempting Accommodation Style: Pods

The resort comprises of 15 dome-shaped pods, each of which measures 40 square meters in dia, anchored on a wooden platform, offering a breathtaking view on the Alps. Each pod includes a king-size bed, a fully fitted bathroom with toilet and shower, a wood-burning stove, a kettle, a mezzanine, two chairs and a table on the terrace.

Whitepod (1)

Image: Whitepod

Whitepod (3)

Image: Whitepod

Whitepod (4)

Image: Whitepod

Wya Point Resort

Location:   Ucluelet, British Columbia, Canada

Pricing:     Small yurt: $150/night| Large yurt: $175/night.

Tempting Accommodation Style: Yurts

The yurts are available year-round and have access to the private beaches. Each yurt has full amenities with barbeques, gas fire places, linens, cutlery and basic dishes, cedar decks, ocean front beach access and cedar lounge chairs. The yurts can accommodate up to 5 adults.

Wya Point Resort

Image: Wya Point Yurts Wya Point

Wya Point Resort (2)

Image: Wya Point Yurts Wya Point

Wya Point Resort (3)

Image: Wya Point Yurts Wya Point

Wya Point Resort (4)

Image: Wya Point Yurts Wya Point

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